My Military Transition "Do-Over"

I’m a USMC AD veteran (’88-’96) and 12-year “Mustang” spouse. After receiving my honorable discharge, I landed my first civilian job at a staffing agency in January of ’97.

Its been a long, 12+year, road from Staffing Agency Front Office Coordinator to WaMu Corporate Human Resources Corporate Recruiter!

I didn’t plan my transition but luckily landed a job that launched my HR career.

Though my transition was successful, considering what I know now, I’d do things differently if I had a “do-over”.

Here’s a few things I’d “do over” if I could:

1. I’d get my degree before my discharge date.

2. I’d volunteer at companies hiring for positions I want to work in.

3. I’d join professional associations for industries I want to work in.

4. I’d create my profile on social networking sites to start building a “quality” network right away.

Unfortunately, online networking wasn’t something I could have done when I was preparing my exit from The USMC in 1996.

There weren’t any online networking social networking sites back then! If there were, I certainly didn’t know about them.

Much has changed in the past 12+ years since my exit from the military. Back when I was transitioning, people hardly used the internet to search for jobs, let alone social networking.

That’s what I’d do differently. What would you do if you had a “do-over”?

I look forward to your replies & Semper Fi!

Terry Hall (terry_hall on Twitter)
Owner, Founder & Career Strategist

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