There’s Such a Thing: a Flexible & Enjoyable Survival Job!

Many of us are just trying to make ends meet lately!

Today I met a guy with, what seemed to be, a flexible & enjoyable “survival” / “in-between jobs” job. I chatted with him a bit.

He was a Census Bureau Field Representative. His job is to verify single-family home addresses in neighborhoods. Of course, I asked him about his job. I’m always curious about people and the work they do.

He was walking around at his own pace(on his own schedule with no boss around) and seemed to be enjoying his work. He was alone and looked very comfortable in his beach hat, walking shoes, and khaki shorts!

It seemed like a great option for a 2nd job, college student job, or “survival job”.

Most important: a nice way to make ends meet (outside of retail or fast-food) if you’re in-between jobs.

Not many jobs allow that flexibility; trek comfortably around town, meet new people, and enjoy a nice sunny day! (these openings are Nationwide; not just Seattle!)

For more information or to view other U.S. Census Bureau openings visit this link:

Field Representative @ U.S. Census Bureau

Spread the word & Happy Networking!

Terry – Come “Tweet” with me!


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