Networking for Jobs; What Really Works? “Face Time”…

How Do You Network & Promote Your Skills to Potential Employers? 

My Toastmasters Club

I’m presenting a career workshop/networking training to an estimated 700 women veterans on 9/12/09 at the Department of Veterans Affairs Women Veterans Summit.

Click here for event details: Women Veterans Summit

 Among other topics, I’ll share best practices for:

1.   Self Marketing & Self Promotion

2.   Online/Virtual Networking via: LinkedIn, Facebook, Plaxo, Twitter, User Groups, Blogs etc.

3.   In-Person Networking; social events. job fairs and professional association functions. “Face Time”

What works for me?  Getting “Face Time” with Employers & Hiring Managers!

This required stepping outside my comfort zone…

Joining, attending, and participating in Toastmasters meetings, professional groups, and association meetings are some of my networking best practices.

I joined Toastmasters 2 years ago and have been an active member ever since.  I’ve held VP of Membership and Public Relations club officer roles for WaMuOne Toastmasters.   Active involvement provided me “face-time” with people I’d otherwise not met.  

Most Toastmasters Clubs are open to the public and guest attendance is free.  You can attend clubs as a guest before joining.   Toastmasters attracts multiple professionals from various industries. 

In addition to in-person networking, I share jobs, resources, and news with Job Spot Seattle, Job Spot West Coast & WoVEN members on my social networking groups. 

As with anything, networking is what you make it.  What are your networking and/or self-marketing/promotion best practices? 

As always, I look forward to your unique & valuable input on any and/or all areas!

Happy Networking!

– Terry


2 responses to “Networking for Jobs; What Really Works? “Face Time”…

  1. Joining, attending, and participating in Toastmasters meetings …”

    I would say

    “Participating in Toastmasters meetings… etc”

    #Duplication #Excess #BillBoorman

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