What’s Your Social Media Mix?


My Off-Line Mix

How many social networking sites have you joined and which do you use most often? (Daily/Weekly)?

I’ve joined 100’s of networking sites since 2004, and use 20 (+/-) frequently.

My social media mix includes: Linkedin, Facebook, WordPress, Blogger, Google, Plaxo, Yahoo!, Twitter, Ning, Digg, YouTube, BlogTalkRadio, Photobucket & Flikr.

If you’re an avid networker, you’ve probably joined more than one social networking site in the social media ecosystem. 

If so, please reply to any or all of the following questions:

1.   How many networking sites have you joined?

2.   Which do you use and/or participate in often? (daily/weekly)

3.   What’s your favorite social networking site(s)?

4.   What keeps you engaged?  (ie., entertainment value, relevance, number of active networking participants, return on time investment)

Thanks & Happy Networking!



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—- Background —-

I share public responses on my blogs, networking groups and/or social networking site groups to help members and/or readers make informed decisions about the social media.  

I’m working on a social media project.  Public responses may be mentioned in my final work and on my websites, blogs or networking sites and groups.   

Responses to this question are available to the general internet public.

If you want to remain anonymous, please don’t answer publicly.

For a list of my networking groups, blogs, and social networking memberships, please visit my website @  http://www.job-spot-seattle.com/


One response to “What’s Your Social Media Mix?

  1. Dave Zarlengo

    Hi there. Well to answer your question, I’m a member of Livejournal, though I haven’t blogged on there in ages. I’m also on Myspace, Blogger, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

    I use Facebook the most, though most of the time I’m just reading and not posting. Myspace I use more for looking up bands, music, videos etc. Blogger is the one where I actually blog. Writing mainly about my SLOW progress in writing, but other stuff too. LinkedIn I use to look for job opportunities or to gain info on what’s going on in different professions I’m interested in. Figuring I could add my two cents worth on topics I either know about, have an opinion about, or just like.

    Probably Blogger or LinkedIn are my favorite sites. I could see the networking opportunities of Facebook. Honestly though, I don’t trust that site and it’s security. So I’m hesitant about posting too much personal stuff on there. I could see following and emailing people though as a potential way of networking.

    I guess I already answered question 4.

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