How Would You Promote Your Social Media Brand as a Guest Blogger?

My Newest Guest Blogger - "Kitty"

Bloggers & Blog Owners,

I’m considering guest bloggers and guest post submissions for both of my blogs:

Job Spot

My two-fold question is for bloggers and blog owners.

1. Writers/Bloggers:

How would you promote your brand in a guest post for another blogger’s site?  In other words, how can you leverage the power of Social Media via guest blog posts?

2. Blog owners:

What would you offer in exchange for guest posts to your blog? ie., draw traffic to guest brand, blog, cause, website, or other.


I look forward to hearing your feedback and ideas!

Happy Networking,


Twitter (Civilian) & Twitter (Military)
Job Spot and WoVEN

If you’re interested in submitting a guest blog post for WoVEN, please post a comment, or e-mail me via either of my websites.

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3 responses to “How Would You Promote Your Social Media Brand as a Guest Blogger?

  1. Hi Terry,

    if I understood u right, I would write the same as I am. Im a Social Web Enthusiast. Especially last months I made several experiences that the “Social” in Social Web means what it says.

    i wouldnt say that ive created a Brand by myself but Im disussing in Blogs, blogging for myself and stay in contact with people interested in the same: Explain the Power of Social Media, being open minded and the exchange of valid content/ideas/informations.

    Its something inbetween.



  2. its a pleasuere 🙂

    related to your question, what would i offer as blog owner:

    perhaps the only one actually i can offer: a place for free speech around ideas and thought around the social web especially focus on the german bloggerspehere ans social media scene with an outlook to your country to connect some bloggers.



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