How Many Social Media Sites Have You Joined? Which Do You “Need”?

How Many Social Media / Social Networking Sites Have You Joined?  Which Do You Use Frequently (Daily/Weekly)?

I’ve joined upwards of 100 sites since 2004, but use less than 20 with frequency.  My online networking social media mix includes: Linked, Facebook, WordPress, Blogger, Google, Plaxo, Yahoo!, Twitter, Ning, Digg, YouTube, BlogTalkRadio, Photobucket & Flikr.This mix works for my “professional-focused” networking goals.

If you’re an avid social networker, you’ve probably joined more than one of the 100’s of online social networking sites in the social media ecosystem.

If so, how many networking sites have you joined?

Which do you use and/or participate in regularly? (daily/weekly)

What is your favorite social networking site(s)?

What keeps you coming back to the site(s)?

(ie., entertainment value, relevance, number of active networking participants, high return on networking investment/time)

I’ve also posted this question on LinkedIn Questions, if you prefer to post your question there.

Responses to this post are visible to the general internet public and may be shared or mentioned outside of WordPress.  If you don’t want your name, website and or response made public, please don’t answer publicly.

Thanks & Happy Networking!



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