How Companies Can Use Pinterest For Job Posting and Recruiting

I first tweeted about this new concept to my Twitter followers early in February 2012  here and here.

I recently tested a new way of sharing Jobs on Pinterest

What I discovered is a fresh new way to post jobs and recruit talent!

I posted an open “Infographics Designer” job I found on The position (image below, at post end) is in Seattle with Harvey Nash.

The image shown is the only format I’ve been able to “pin” because its the “norm” for job postings.  Although the format works for job board websites, it isn’t visually stimulating enough to impact the Pinterest audience or cause them to “re-pin”.

How can a job post “pin” on Pinterest be improved?

Employers could create job postings in infographic format, using minimal wording, bright colors and bold graphics. Then pin it to Pinterest as a re-pinnable image.

THAT would be the ideal job posting to “pin” on Pinterest!

Why?  Because not only would the format be visually pleasing, but it could bring greater interest & visibility to jobs not ordinarily so popular.

This could also generate revenue for Pinterest because they could charge a small fee to companies for using the site to post jobs. For now, “pinning” to Pinterst is free for all users.

This is a new concept, but I hope it catches on!  Let me know what you think.

– Terry

>>> Click on the below job posting image to see all the jobs I’ve posted on my Pinterest Boards. <<<


The Future of Job Applications

Speaking of job applications, I’m impressed by many infographic resumes I’ve seen lately… I will share some of my favorite Infographics here very soon!

With the advent of social networks, video job applications, infographic resumes… you know what, this is getting tiring just talking about it. A lot has changed – what’s the future going to hold for job applications?

Check out this article I recently found on to find out!

The Future of Job Applications

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Seeking Moderators for Job Spot Seattle Group on Linkedin

Ready for real-world Social Media Community Moderating Experience?

Job Spot Seattle is one of many projects I personally manage.

As founder and group owner, I’d like to add team-oriented moderators to my group to generate diverse and fresh ideas for Job Spot group members.

If you’re interested in helping moderate Job Spot Seattle’s group content, please contact me at the e-mail below or via Linkedin.

Thank you,

Group Manager & Founder

Get the scoop on Jobs, Company Culture & Work Environment.

… at

Read employee job reviews & vents or post yours. I found the site is entertaining and insightful, at the very least.


Would negative reviews on a company impact your decision to apply or accept a job offer from that company?

Please answer “yes” or “no” and explain why.

I look forward to your replies!

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Love your job? Hate your job? Free and anonymous employee reviews posted for jobs at thousands of companies.

If you Could “Test-Drive” any Job for a Week…

If You Could “Test-Drive” Any Job For a Week, Which would you choose?

I’d choose Kim France’s job – Editor in Chief at Lucky Magazine. The position seems exciting, ever changing and creatively rewarding.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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Available or Looking? What’s Your 30-Second Commercial?

Originally Posted on Job Spot Seattle’s Linkedin Group:

If you are available for jobs or looking for new opportunities in or around Seattle, please post your “30-second commercial” as a reply to this post.

Many Job Spot Seattle members are local HR, Recruiting and Staffing Agency professionals. They could be looking for your talent today… or next week!

Networking is about putting yourself out there… so, go for it!

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Terry Hall
Owner & Founder
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How Many Social Media Sites Have You Joined? Which Do You “Need”?

How Many Social Media / Social Networking Sites Have You Joined?  Which Do You Use Frequently (Daily/Weekly)?

I’ve joined upwards of 100 sites since 2004, but use less than 20 with frequency.  My online networking social media mix includes: Linked, Facebook, WordPress, Blogger, Google, Plaxo, Yahoo!, Twitter, Ning, Digg, YouTube, BlogTalkRadio, Photobucket & Flikr.This mix works for my “professional-focused” networking goals.

If you’re an avid social networker, you’ve probably joined more than one of the 100’s of online social networking sites in the social media ecosystem.

If so, how many networking sites have you joined?

Which do you use and/or participate in regularly? (daily/weekly)

What is your favorite social networking site(s)?

What keeps you coming back to the site(s)?

(ie., entertainment value, relevance, number of active networking participants, high return on networking investment/time)

I’ve also posted this question on LinkedIn Questions, if you prefer to post your question there.

Responses to this post are visible to the general internet public and may be shared or mentioned outside of WordPress.  If you don’t want your name, website and or response made public, please don’t answer publicly.

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