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New e-Book “The Lost Bank” … an inside look at WaMu’s Failure

This is on my “Must Read” list. I worked at WaMu Corporate Headquarters,  Downtown Seattle, as an HR Recruiter until the FDIC siezed & sold the bank to JPMC.

This was a huge loss in so many ways… Especially for Seattle.  I’m curious to learn of any new information that may be gained from this read.

Will you be reading this?  If so, why?

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Recruiting Metrics: An Evolving Hiring Process

Recruiting Metrics: An Evolving Hiring Process

Author: Byron Mackelroy

Let’s face it, the hiring process is and always will be a competition. From the perspective of the applicant, they are in a competition to beat out other applicants and get a job offer. On the other hand, companies are in a competition with other companies to secure top talent and maximize the goodness of fit for each new employee. In a race, a status quo approach will only get you in the middle of the pack, if you are lucky. To achieve greatness in hiring requires constantly improving the recruiting process to maximize efficiencies and minimize bottlenecks.

Improving the Recruiting Process

All recruiting programs have some degree of redundancy or inefficiency. Your attention to detail dictates the success of your recruiting program. Most corporate recruiters will agree that there are certain scheduling conflicts, redundant interviews or bottlenecks that crop up on a regular basis. These elements may vary dramatically from company to company. For one organization, it may be a hiring manager that is just too swamped with other tasks to dutifully handle their responsibilities to the recruiting program. For other organizations, it may be a result of an overly extended review process that results in missed opportunities and applicant dropouts.

Feedback, Feedback, Feedback

In any process, feedback is required to improve results. When you stub your toe, you decrease the chances that you will make the same mistake twice. Unfortunately, the hiring process covers more variables and a recruiting program’s responsibilities tend to be spread out over multiple people. With so many potential cracks to fall into, how do you ensure that the successes and failures of your corporate recruiting program make it into a feedback process? In the past, corporate recruiters would be responsible for taking notes and managing email strings to try and pinpoint errors and issues. This process tended to be fragmented and highly personal. When a recruiter tells a hiring manager that they are causing a bottleneck due to lack of availability, the situation can appear personal. How do you get around an antiquated feedback system? Capture data in a central location so all stakeholders have access. Modern applicant tracking systems are capable of storing a wealth of data on the “whos” and “whens” of your hiring process. This data can be incredibly granular and comprehensive. Half of structuring feedback is capturing the data required to extrapolate trends and pinpoint issues.

Presenting the Data

Structuring and mining your recruiting data is critical to finding areas for improvement. Information by itself is like a cluttered desk full of random papers. Each paper has some information, but there is no way to make heads or tails of the entire data set. Recently, some recruiting software companies have perfected the art of surfacing data and presenting usable formats to help quantify your corporate recruiting system. These Recruiting Metrics are providing tremendous insight into the hiring process. Imagine being able to view your bottlenecks in real-time with an easy to understand graph. These analytics packages offer a wide range of capabilities, from pinpointing which hiring manager’s cause the most holdups to a full-spectrum review of your corporate recruiters screening tasks. The basic goal of recruiting metrics is simple; make your data as usable and actionable as possible.

In the inherently competitive process of hiring, continuous improvement in key to achieving success. Improving your recruiting program is dependent on feedback. With modern applicant tracking software you can capture a wealth of information. New recruiting metrics features are taking aim at providing you corporate recruiters and HR managers with the data they require. These new recruiting analytics features are driving a new approach to hiring, the evolving recruiting process.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/human-resources-articles/recruiting-metrics-an-evolving-hiring-process-1308103.html

About the Author

I am an aspiring blogger who enjoys sharing helpful information with people. My three favorite topics are business, technology and travel.

Has anyone seen this? Is this SOP for the FDIC going forward?

Has anyone seen this?

Is this SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for the FDIC when dealing with all U.S. Banks
going forward?  This seems so wrong! As a WaMulian, and an American, I feel violated… = (



Please, Please, Please!… Post your replies/concerns at will.


(Job Posting) Financial Analyst – Sr. , Corporate Property Services

Happy Friday Job Spot Seattle,

Another awesomeWaMu Job! Please feel free to share this position with anyone who might be interested in a great opportunity or might know someone who is!

Financial Analyst – Sr. (CPS Facilities) / 433619

For a complete position description or if you’d like application
instructions please contact Terry Hall at terry.hall@wamu.net

This position is responsible for providing in-depth financial
analysis, budgeting / forecasting for real estate facility assets
within the Corporate Property Services Group.

Functional responsibilities include: monthly and quarterly variance
analysis and forecasting, seasonal trend analysis, performance
measurement (metrics), expense control, project financial planning,
business case analysis, reporting and ad hoc financial analyses,
industry benchmarking, and auditing.

Key Qualifications:
• 5-7 years relevant work experience, preferably in a finance or
facilities services capacity
• Degree resulting from graduation from a four-year college or
university with major course work in analysis or equivalent.
• Strong financial modeling and database experience

Washington Mutual is an equal opportunity employer. We embrace
differences, welcome diversity, and value a culture of respect.

Terry A. Hall
Corporate Recruiter
Corporate and Commercial Recruiting
Corporate Human Resources

Washington Mutual
1301 2nd Avenue, WMC1602
Seattle, WA 98101



New (Job Postings) WaMu Seattle, WA & Southern CA locations

Happy “9/4” Job Spot Seattle!

I’m recruiting for various opportunities at WaMu, so I’m asking for your help in networking to fill them. Please review and share this list with anyone you know who may be a
great candidate for any of these positions.

Thanks in advance for helping me network for new WaMulians’!

Title: Requisition:
Analyst Sr.- Financial Planning & Analysis 433569
Business /Operations Analyst-Senior 438783 (CA)
Business Data Analyst III 435426
Business Data Analyst III 428051
Employee Service Specialist 438251
Facilities Analyst Sr. CPS 433620
Financial Analyst, Sr. 433619
HR Ops Specialist II 438378
Manager – Project Management Operational Excellence 440259
Manager – Project Management Operational Excellence 439352
Payroll Business Analyst 414395
Payroll Specialist II 422031
Payroll Specialist II 436846
Payroll Specialist Sr. 436399
Payroll Specialist Sr. 422028
Process Consultant – Operational Excellence 440261
Project Specialist 435889
Service Quality Manager I 437155 (CA)
Team Manager Sr. – Employee Service Center 437359

If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about
these or any other positions available at WaMu, please contact me or
visit our website at http://www.wamu.com/jobs.

Washington Mutual is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
We embrace differences, welcome diversity, and value a culture of

Thank you,

Terry A. Hall
Corporate Recruiter
Corporate and Commercial Recruiting
Corporate Human Resources

Washington Mutual
1301 2nd Avenue, WMC1602
Seattle, WA 98101



WaMu Opportunities – HR, Payroll, Training, Operations, Business Analyst

Hi All,

WaMu is amazing!  I love everything about my role and my co-workers…its better than anything I’d ever imagined!

For now, I’m recruiting for various levels of HR Operations, Payroll and HRIS
opportunities within WaMu. Feel free to contact me for more details or
visit WaMu’s website at www.wamu.com/careers.

Referrals are always welcome and appreciated!

Thank you,

Terry Hall
Corporate Recruiter
WaMu; Corporate Human Resources
206-500-2966 – Direct

Happy Networking!


(WaMu Jobs – Corporate Training) HR, Training Consultant, Business Analyst Operations

Good morning,

I’m recruiting for Washington Mutual in Seattle, Washington. I’m seeking HR and
Corporate Training professionals for various roles at WaMu Center, Downtown Seattle (Corporate) Feel free to call me directly for more information or to refer a friend! 

To learn more about these opportunities or to apply online please visit our website at:
www.wamu.com/careers   Here are opportunities I’m currently working on as of 3/23:

Manager Training Ops – Content/Development

Manager Training Ops – Delivery

Manager Training Ops – Business Ops

Business Ops Analyst, Sr. – Reporting

Training Consultant – Leadership/Essential skills

Payroll Business Analyst, Sr.

Payroll Business Analyst

Executive Assistant – HR/Corporate Learning

Admin Assistant, Sr.- Recruiting

HR Operations Specialist I

Employee Services Specialist – HR

Organizational Development Specialist in Seattle, Washington – Job # 423273

Please contact me directly if you have questions on any or all of
these opportunities. I’m more than happy to share the specific
requisition numbers with those interested. As always, feel free to
contact me directly and thanks for your interest!

WaMu; Simpler Banking, More Smiles.

Terry Hall
Corporate Recruiter
WaMu Corporate Human Resources