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Big Idea 2013: Genuine Communication


Not many articles motivate me towards a blog response, however, this one did… “10 Things You Should Never Say at the Office” click title for article.

After reading it, I realized the terms are forms of “Disingenuous Communication“.

It seems people use “buzzwords / buzzterms” to avoid real topics and/or actions required.  Buzzwords make avoiding accountability easy because they fill our communication with”fluff”.

They detract from the real issues and allow people to avoid reality in what’s being communicated.  For example, when someone says “It is what it is” … what they are really saying is “I don’t know”… but few people in the workplace want to admit they don’t know something. “Fluff” terms keep them from having to.

I gave it more thought and wondered “How could I say what I mean… without using any of these terms?  What other terms are there?”  How could I be a more genuine communicator with my co-workers, customers, candidates and clients?”

Well, for one, I could simply say what I mean… we all could.

Here are things to say instead of the buzzwords/terms on the left:

Leverage –  “Influence” “Bargain” “Take Advantage” “Debate”

Reach out – “Call” ‘E-mail, “Communicate” or “Contact”

It is what it is – “It’s unfortunate”  “It’s a slow process” “It’s Challenging” “It’s Pointless” “I don’t know why it’s happening”

Viral –  “Popular”, “Mass-Marketed”, “Everyone’s doing it”, “Everyone is aware of it”

Game changer – “This Changes Everything” , “Stop and listen to what I’m about to say because it will change the way you live your life or do your job”

Disconnect – “I don’t think you understand”  “It appears you’re not listening”  “You must not have heard me”

Value-add – “You will get more with this option and here’s why”  “It’s advantageous” “The benefit to you is… ”

Circle back – “I will call you back”  “I will find out and get back to you”

Socialize –  “Tell those who need to know” “Communicate” “Mass Market”

Cutting edge – “Advanced”, “Recently released or developed” “I don’t know all the details, you should probably Google it”.

Hope you enjoyed this lighthearted post, let me know what you think by leaving a comment!

Happy Networking,

Terry aka “TerryJobs”

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What’s Your Social Media Mix?


My Off-Line Mix

How many social networking sites have you joined and which do you use most often? (Daily/Weekly)?

I’ve joined 100’s of networking sites since 2004, and use 20 (+/-) frequently.

My social media mix includes: Linkedin, Facebook, WordPress, Blogger, Google, Plaxo, Yahoo!, Twitter, Ning, Digg, YouTube, BlogTalkRadio, Photobucket & Flikr.

If you’re an avid networker, you’ve probably joined more than one social networking site in the social media ecosystem. 

If so, please reply to any or all of the following questions:

1.   How many networking sites have you joined?

2.   Which do you use and/or participate in often? (daily/weekly)

3.   What’s your favorite social networking site(s)?

4.   What keeps you engaged?  (ie., entertainment value, relevance, number of active networking participants, return on time investment)

Thanks & Happy Networking!



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World Map of Social Media Networks; Why Should You Care? Because Its Your Privacy

Techcrunch.com featured the  “World Map Of Social Networks Shows Rise Of Facebook” article on its site today.  

The article, with its brightly colored graphics and corresponding map legend, caught my immediate interest. 

The article took me off task from posting my planned blog post, “Are You Too Networked“, but I’ll get that posted soon.   …

Social Media and Social Networking Sites allow you to “meet” people you wouldn’t otherwise have met.   

It’s easy to feel comfortable when networking online and common to feel like you “know” and can trust who you network with.  On some levels, you probably can.  

Looking at the World Map of Social Networks, shows the depth and potential of strangers with access to your data.

The article and detailed map, released today on http://www.techcrunch.com, shows the “depth” and reach online social networks have across the globe.   http://www.techcrunch.com/2009/12/21/world-map-social-networks/

There are risks when networking reaches this magnitude.  To avoid potential “security & privacy risks” use common sense safety precautions. 

One suggestion: don’t share your private/personal data unless you know who you’re sharing it with.  

On a side note, Twitter allows users to have multiple accounts with different user-names.   (a point to ponder).

Want To Protect Your Identity & Privacy on Social Networking Sites?  Take a few of these precautions.  They may seem rash, but could help protect your privacy. 

Do Not Disclose or Use Your:


Home or Work Address.  Use a location central to your area

Work, Home and/or Cell Phone Numbers (I use my Google Voice Number instead)

Primary e-mail (especially if it includes your name or birthday year etc)

Specific dates, ie., dates and times of vacation or business travel

Mother’s Maiden Name, Spouse or Significant other’s Full Name, and/or their Places of Employment

Family Names, Children and/or Next of Kin Full Names

Drivers License or Social Security Number

ID Card Style AvatarsPhotos like those on State or Government issued ID Cards.   In other words, make it hard for identity thieves to create a convincing / real-looking fake ID. 

Additional resources:

Each Social Networking site has its own Privacy Policy Page.  Read and understand it before joining.  

Registering for membership on a site isn’t as serious as applying for credit or filling out an employment application. 

Ask yourself;  Do they really “need” all that personal information?   

I’m not an online security and risk prevention professional, but I’ve safely used online social media since 1998.  

I also draw from my past military training when navigating the social media landscape.

For more info, check out this article on protecting your privacy: http://www.businessknowhow.com/security/opsec.htm 

Stay Safe & Happy Networking!




Put The “Fair” in Job Fair!

Roller Coaster

Job Searching is a Roller Coaster Ride!

Oh, the fun to be had at the County Fair! 
Hanging with a big group of your closest friends, scarfing down Cotton Candy, Shish-ka-bob, and fried Twinkies, laughing and screaming simultaneously as you brave the Scrambler, the Zipper, the Edge, Shooting Hoops and air-gunning tin cans to win that stuffed panda that’s bigger than you! Good times!   So what does this have to do with “Job Fair’s” you might wonder?

Like most, when I think of going to a Job Fair as a job-seeker, I don’t get that “fun” feeling. So, why call it a Job Fair if its not going to be? In my opinion, job fair’s can be fun or at the very least, entertaining and social.


Job fairs have gotten a lot of negative press lately;  with stories of  “too many” job-seekers and not enough jobs and lines going down the street for people trying just to get in.
Possibly true for those events, but don’t give up on job fair’s completely.  When you hear of one, just go! Even if you don’t get an interview, call back, or job offer right away, going to a job fair is a great way to network and bond with other “job challenged” professionals like yourself.

Believe it or not, I’ve never been to a job fair as a job-seeker; never had a reason. The job market’s always been good for my industry. (recruiting, staffing and career development).  But the market’s changed. So, I’ve adjusted my job-search techniques and added more in-person networking events….that includes job fair’s.  

I was excited about going to WaMu Center’s Career Services Job Fair on 3/25, but part of me thought it might be depressing having so many other “job challenged” folks in one place.

To the contrary, it was a motivating, empowering, and bonding experience! In addition to seeing other recently laid off WaMu colleagues, I met with several potential employers!

Some Seattle-area Staffing Agencies in attendance were:

Kelly Financial Resources
Wimmer Solutions
Ajilon Office
Accountants Inc.
Hansell Tierney
Volt Technical Resources
Volt Services Group
Creative Circle
Law Dawgs

E-mail me if you’d like contact details/names for any of these companies. (e-mail @ post end)

Fun to be had; more than I expected…

Besides potential employers, I saw many former WaMu co-workers. It was a reunion of sorts; everyone getting together like old times! It was a bonding experience; we were all in the same boat; actively “looking” for work. We exchanged greetings, business cards, and caught up with each other on happenings since our recent lay off.

The Outcome:

Did I get a job offer yet? No, but I did have fun meeting other professionals and seeing co-workers and handing out my home-made personal business cards. I felt accomplished after exchanging numbers with potential employers.

Job-seeking is a process, similar to dating (and eventually getting married). I didn’t get a marriage proposal the same day I met my husband. It took time. Finding a quality job takes time too!

For now, I’ll stay patient and positive, stay in touch with my network and (try to) stay away from negative news.

See you at the next event!  The Career Fair on April 22 at WaMu Center.


Join me on Job Spot Seattle on LinkedIn or check back soon for more info on the event.
As Always, Happy Networking!
– Terry

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