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Get it Filled! (Yesterday)

The objective is to fill the job. This post will track the journey.

Where does it start; the open req? could be many reasons for an open position.

Someone was Layoff or Fired.
Someone Quit
Someone was Promoted
or my personal favorite; “Company Growth”

I live for that call… the call that my client or my hiring manager “needs me” to fill their open position!

There’s nothing more exciting for me than having a new, open req! I won’t talk about the long-open req’s that haunt me…sometimes staying open for, “gulp” … MULTIPLE months!

My goal? To have a pipeline of talent ready to “fill” my clients need… yesterday

Corporate Recruiter Dish.

More later. T5


Job Spot Seattle Group Goes Plaxo!

I’m taking advantage of the social media sphere!

Today, I added Job Spot to  Plaxo’s site of online social networking groups!   Here’s the link…

Hope to see you there & Happy Networking!

Thanks – Terry