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Work it Like a Hummingbird; Making The Most of Social Media & Social Networking

What’s your Social Networking style and what animal does it most resemble? I hadn’t given it much thought until Scott Blatchley, Director/Owner at Toothbone Limited, asked, “What type of Social Networking Animal Are You?” his blog and on LinkedIn Questions.

I responded for two reasons; it was an engaging question and he offered a bottle of Champagne for best response!

Here’s my response:

“Hi Scott, Great question! I’ve never thought of it before, but knew right away the kind of social networking animal I’d be…

a Hummingbird!

Hummingbirds are one of nature’s smallest animals, yet they have a big appetite! They quickly and gracefully move between flowers in a mutually beneficial resource exchange.

Somehow aware of its essential role in pollination, hummingbirds dart about; spending bits of quality time with each flower, ensuring no petal is disturbed. They share resources and gather pollen; creating a mutual benefit in their process.

Although small, hummingbirds are easily recognized without being loud or hugely spectacular. They are respected and known for their energy, vibrancy, resourcefulness and relevance in nature.

Here’s How I’d Compare My Social Media Networking Style, to a Hummingbird

I don’t have a huge, over-powering presence but I have a big appetite for new information and networking! I spend short bits of quality time across various social networking sites. I share resources and exchange knowledge with my networks and groups.

I’m always seeking new social media venues and keep abreast of the latest trends in my industry.

Happy Networking! Terry”

Fast Forward, 2-weeks, to a message I received from Scott today:


On 11/09/09 11:38 AM, Scott Blatchley wrote:

“Congratulations Terry!

You’ve won with your answer “hummingbird”. Please send your preferred mailing address to scott@toothbone and that Champagne will be on the way!

I’ll blog the full list at the end of the week so stay tuned.



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To Pay or Not to Pay? I Say “Not” … Would You Pay For a Job?

LBLI’ve seen a recent trend in job-seekers paying search firms and/or recruiters for job-placement and even job fair attendance.

Although it’s an “employers market”, I strongly advise against paying for placement.

In my 13+ years as a Recruiter (Agency, Executive & Corporate) and Business Development Manager, none of my “competitors” or peers has charged fees to job-seekers. The most reputable search firms, placement agencies and recruiters charge the company, not the job-seeker.

“Paying for placement” and/or job fair attendance is an unwelcome fad, resulting from a poor economy. In my opinion, it shouldn’t become the “norm”.

What are your thoughts on this topic?

I recently read and highly recommend the book: “Laid Off, Laid Low; Political and Economic Consequences of Employment Insecurity. Available at

Happy Networking!

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